Green Project

The Paget Green Project

“A better environment begins with you.  And you begin …with breakfast,” proclaimed Paget to a crowd of tens gathered for the unveiling of the Paget Green Project.

The PGP is committed to the development of the world’s first green waffle.  Eco-friendly innovations like these are leading the future and creating jobs–and breakfast–for our children and they are the primary focus of the Paget Green Project.

“Being green starts at home.” Said Paget in a recent speech. “It’ll be easier for all of us to be green once we acheive the world’s first Green Waffle.”

“Scientists, government, and the auto industry are hard at work updating the cars.  Sounds like they got that covered.  But what about something that affects all of us?  Why not a green Breakfast?  It IS the most important meal of the day.”

“Even though you may have already had breakfast today, we can’t wait til tomorrow to have a green waffle.”