The Statue

The Josh Paget Statue must be built.  That much is obvious.  But as we dabble on into this exciting world of homage to our great man, certain questions must be answered.

Where will it be built? What will it look like?  These things must be taken into great consideration.  Placement of the statue is key.  Those we force to go without will certainly be jealous of the city or cities that receive a statue. Olympia, Seattle, Los Angeles, all good places but which city truly lives up to the Josh Paget legacy?  Let’s consider some options in depth.


His hometown.  It’s an obvious choice for The Josh Statue.  And clearly the city would be truly grateful.  The other statues in Olympia are pathetic.  They consist of a casual governor and a tall woman who found a date.

“Kiss me you fool.  First get a ladder, but then kiss me.”

But is Olympia ready for this kind of world class adornment?  I mean they’re proudest of their water… and for Kurt Cobain playing there once before he died.

You’ve probably never tasted “Olympia” beer, I can tell you what it tastes like, hint: It’s the water.

Kurt Cobain with unfulfilling fans in Olympia.


The Josh Statue would solidify the municipality’s coronation as a “City of Angels.”

But would The Josh Statue be a good fit for Los Angeles?  So far the city has made monument to questionable things like… street lamps and… mammoths perpetually drowning in tar.

You drove by hundreds of these on your way here.

Why wouldn’t the dad and baby try to save their mom?  Probably because she made them come to the La Brea Tar Pits.

The Statue is not suited for such archaic and urbane civic art plazas.  The Statue stands for so much more and it is vital to the message of this day and age.  Will The Statue be able to out voice the devastatingly visually noisy civic art landscape of Los Angeles?

Should it even have to compete, really?


Josh performed there once.  And he didn’t fall into a decades long depression.  Instead he moved on.  What a wonderful message of hope for this generationally depressed city.


Josh Paget has never lived, or even visited the people ofTurkmenistan. We think that is kind of sad for them. The least we could give them is the rite of the location of the Josh Statue.

Memphis, TN (fan suggested)

They have statues to Elvis, BB King, and Isaac Hayes.  Time to branch out to fields other than music.  The Josh Paget Statue would make a fine addition to Memphis.  More specifically, the statue would be located ten feet off of Beale St.  What?  I went with a Marc Cohn reference.  I’m white.

Seattle, WA (fan suggested)

It rains all the time in Seattle.  So the weather perfectly fits the man’s disposition.  And a statue would fill a void left here by the sonics moving to OKC.

Is there a location you’d like to see The Josh Statue?

Email a description or photo!


While the location is still being determined, we must also determine the design.  Many designs have been submitted, but what is the most inspirational pose?  Definitely something slightly larger than life.

Standing up:

Although Josh Paget is most famous for his stand up comedy performances.  This might diminish his contributions to the world of inventions, entrepenueraship, dating, and architecture.

On a Horse:

People like their statues on horses.  But will The Statue Project have to pay for the horse statue for The Josh Statue to sit on?  Will The Statue Project be diminished if it is in such close proximity to a horse statue?

On a Bicycle:

This seems like statue with a modern message.  Economical, enivronmental.  Just like the man himself.

On a Bus seat: (fan suggested)

The statue would feature Josh on a bus seat with an empty seat next to him.  This style statue exudes the comedy of the man.  Because true fans can see the comedy behind the statue: an empty seat on the bus.  HA!  Fans and wannabes would be welcome to join their hero on a fictious bus ride.  What a photo opportunity!

Suggest your own design!